Dear Donald Trump
Talia Basma

Perhaps Mr. Trump means every word that he says, but more likely he simply says what will make the biggest splash on impact. In recent analysis it has become increasingly clear that he honed this style of vituperative excess over an entire career. The bottom line is that every word he says is purely for the purpose of creating a firework response, and has nothing to do with what he believes, what he can accomplish, or even what he will really attempt. Our greatest concern then is that we have no idea who he really is, or what he will really do, and that is a troubling notion.

Ideas That Did Not Work

The Trumpet’s Call: Build a Wall

The Trump machine goes on, trumpeting the same refrain — build a Wall. Yet he knows, as a builder, it can never be built. As a Project Management Professional, I too know that in actuality we can expect the following (at a minimum):

· Two Years, Design Study

· One Year, Engineering

· Seven Years, Environmental Study, Revisions and Public Hearings

This will put us well beyond Mr. T’s administration, and as a builder he well is aware of this. After all, he failed to accomplish even a modest restaurant on the waterfront at Jones Beach, right here in New York, after six long years of concerted effort.

But the ultimate nail in the coffin of his $11B project would be the need for consensus. Given the divisive cultural Wall he builds with such intensity now, the Congressional divide of the future would lock all hope of progress in the vaults of memory. Perhaps the great dissembler will yet win the election, and when he loses his great Congressional battles, the Bernie Sanders of that time will still be there to bear the blame.

Robert Ott PMP, Project Management Professional

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