Where to go in Philippines during Holy Week 2016

Holy Week or Lent season (kwaresma) had just started last Wednesday, started it with ash smudge in foreheads in the shape of cross. Reminding us of Christ’s passion from his suffering to death and resurrection. Lent is a forty days tradition of solemn prayers. Holy Week (Semana Santa) is one of the longest holidays in the Philippines. It started from Palm Sunday, which commemorates the entry of Jesus Christ to Jerusalem, to black Saturday, then Easter Sunday.

We Filipinos is very rich in culture and tradition but as time gone by, we slowly forgot those traditions that makes us unique and renowned. Now that we are in the age of modern world where everything is already computerized and very high technology, we forgot the essence that God created us to govern everything that He has created. But instead, we are governed by what man has created.

Part of Filipino culture to take advantage of long holidays during Holy Week. It is one of the best moment to give quality time to family and love ones. But remember that Holy Week is not a vacation holiday but a days of prayer, abstinence, penitence, repentance, fasting and forgiving. Let us remember how Jesus Christ suffer and died to free us from sins. Lets enriched this long traditions so that next generations will see and continue this kind of tradition.What we disregard today might be the lost of tomorrow.

Here are the list of place and events if you want to experience Holy Week in the Philippines: http://philippineadvisor.xyz/attractions/holy-week-where-to-go-in-philippines/