How To Do It Better

Man on street wearing a surgeon’s mask.
Man on street wearing a surgeon’s mask.
Photo by Anastasiia Chepinska on Unsplash
  1. Get haircut
  2. Get car washed-especially inside windshield
  3. Sign up for online coding bootcamp
  4. Cancel CNN-spare myself listening to the diatribe
  5. Buy Lysol wipes

Bootstrapping a Silicon Valley Startup

Standing Grizzly in a wood.
Standing Grizzly in a wood.
The bear on the California flag is a Grizzly.

I’ve been doing this for a while now. I wake up excited, even when I’m depressed. I’m bootstrapping a Silicon Valley startup. I should have a partner, a new one, a dependable one, because there is a Grizzly bear on the California flag.

When my journey began I started going to Meetups, all I could find. I listened to the speakers. They were coaches, lawyers, consultants, investors, and other founders or cofounders. Those experienced with promoting startups, getting funded, and selling out. I thought they could help, but no one can beat the bear for anyone.

I got advice, usually bad advice. Help was costly and elusive. I heard a thousand terrible ideas being expertly pitched. But something else happened, I met other people like me. We met for coffee but had tea. My idea was always the best, or loudest, but I could skim something from everyone, every meeting, every call, but only when I was entirely honest and sincere, exposing my heart, my plan. It could have been ripped out; by the bear. …

And Listen to Good Advisors

Two go-karting.
Two go-karting.
Photo by David Armstrong on Unsplash

I was so sure that dreams were just mind junk. That they weren’t at all meaningful and visionary like the prophets of old suggested. Now I know better.

Yesterday, or last night, I had a strange dream. I was on some kind of wheeled cart, like a go-cart, but it looked more like a sled. There was no motor, it only went downhill-but fast. I was on a mountain road,but it was not continuously downhill. It had valleys and hills, and dips and vast descents. I was with my sixteen year old daughter. I had just spoken with her that evening, when I half-jokingly told her that if my startup didn’t work, I didn’t know what else to do with my life. The words were very humorous to me, and I consider how I might somehow use them as a calling for my investor. …


Thomas Schemkes

Novelist, Storyteller, Content Marketer

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