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Well, 63, your article annoyed me to no end. I mean, sure, you’ve got some great insights into your self-identified bent and warped psyche (no, you didn’t use those words, but you could have, maybe should have). But, man, you sound more high-maintenance than my mother (RIP). She once had me drive her to the pharmacy to get her anti-depressants while I was doubled over in pain from an appendix that, a couple hours later, would be seconds away from bursting. But that’s not what annoyed me about your article. I just cannot believe you threw a fit at the kid who had the same birthday as you. Really pathetic. The rest of your self-identified asshole self I understand.

So, it is with some pleasure that I came here to tell you that yours was not THE MOST annoying post I read here today. No, that award goes to some guy who wrote a popular article on how to identify an “A-Player” during an interview. Yeah. You go for a job, and in 10 minutes, he can tell if you’re an “A-Player” — and if you are, you get the job. Unless, of course, he meets a couple “A-Players” that day. But, certainly, you’ll get it over “B”- and “C”-players.

So, here we are, in 2016, with people who have college and advanced degrees, living on the streets in the thousands, people out of work for months, sometimes years, at a time, people who don’t have a decent outfit to wear to a job interview, or a way to get there, or breakfast, to steel them against interview assholes. And this guy is preaching to some misty-eyed start-up entrepreneur who eats in his new company’s “Share-My-Toast” breakfast room, with TVs on every wall, tablets at every place setting, smartphones in every hand, on How to Spot an A-Player???

Not a single one of his Seven suggestions included asking the new recruit what s/he thinks about the homeless situation. Not a single question about how the recruit thinks the company might interact with/give back to the community. Not a single question about social causes that are/might be important to the recruit. Why are those great interview questions? Because depending on the recruit’s answer, one could end up with the next brainiac who has not only the brains but the heart to help a gal or a fella out. That’s who you should have work for your company! Conversely, one can easily eliminate the recruits with silicon clogging their arteries. But, go ahead, sign up for his newsletter, because maybe I’m wrong.

Just don’t sign up with your toast hand.

So, no 63, you’re not really the biggest annoyance of my day, not even close. I might have to walk out in the middle of one of your sentences to get my work done, but, at least, I’ll know I was listening to an honest man, “C- or D-Player” though you surely must be. Don’t let it go to your hopelessly depraved mind. Sorry to take up so much of your bandwidth, but you got me started. Love, 70

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