The Invasion of Lying

I’ll be honest, this article is almost a year old. I felt it was rather irrelevant and unfair. An immature boy’s rant at how only people who lie seem to get what they want. Much like the movie that inspired the title, I felt I was describing a non existent world.
I’m not sure when it hit me while waiting in a room for the result of a job interview, but the events that transpired that day made me revisit this article to provide substance to the argument.
It was a normal day, cloudy skies , raindrops on leaves and what not. If that was an ominous sign, I disregarded it completely. I dove into the routine all freshers are familiar with, getting into clothes that ill befit your state of mind and psyching yourself up for the interview that lay ahead. I must say I was quite confident of getting the job considering the people who got through before. The customary aptitude test was a walk in the park and so we reach the dreaded job interview. The manager who sat behind the desk was impassive and nonchalant. He had a poker face worthy of a high profile criminal lawyer. The interview was fine up till the point he asked me how long I intend to stay. I responded honestly, "a year or so" . I suppose that did not sit well with him. In any other case I would accept the rejection and move on but this scenario was different. The people who got the job lied about their commitment to the job. Now I must say at this point that call centres probably have the worse employee retention percentages. Even the most tolerant people with flowers in their desk drawer and pictures of underprivileged children on their desktop would quit in a year. The manager knows this too. Now why he would take the lying shit who says he would "dedicate his life to the company" is beyond me. It was then, waiting in a room that seemed incredibly small at the time, I realised he wanted me to lie. He wanted to hear exactly what he heard from the others before and those who followed me. The sun rises in the east, sets in the west and we lie in job interviews. An inescapable fact. 
I suppose at this point you would tell me I am imbecilic to expect anything else and I would say you are right. Yet I sense even the most pragmatic of us lot stop to wonder why we lie constantly. Governments lie to us about the state of country and development, companies lie to us in their advertisements. You can’t get through a conversation nowadays without using the phrase "you’re screwing with me" once. Dishonesty is an all encompassing aspect of modern society. A principle upon which our world was built. You would tell me it’s necessary to lie, whether it’s the government holding back information about impending war or a husband who doesn’t tell his wife about the secretary to protect the kids. Let me retort, behind every lie is wrongdoing. The lie is simply a manner of "saving one’s ass". 
At this juncture, I would love to say the world would be a better place without transgression, but this is not a beauty pageant. The moral is accepting what the world is like and getting on with it, as immoral as that sounds. Privately no one appreciates your honesty.

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