A Gentle Introduction to String Theory

Or: A Cosmic Symphony

Photo courtesy of plus.maths. org

String theory is one of the most profound and interesting concepts inside the field of physics. Super-string theory attempts to explain all of the particles and fundamental forces of nature—all within one fundamental theory of everything. For my class presentation, I will be giving a gentle introduction to the questions that arise from string theory: what is it, why is it important, and what are some of its ramifications? I will attempt to delve into some of the history behind the theory, what led up to its inception, and experimental ways we can attempt to prove whether or not the theory is even credible.

Below is a quick video explaining the core concept of string theory, by physicist Brian Greene. In preparation for the class presentation/discussion, I would like for everyone to watch the video and, using the Feynman technique (click here to learn how), write down what you understood from the video’s first explanation of string theory; then, do the same thing for the video’s second explanation. Come prepared to discuss your understanding of what string theory is and how you can apply the Feynman technique to your own courses this year!

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