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On September 20, 2016, I wrote my first blog post. It’s been something of a journey for one who has never utilized a blog before, and I find the entire situation very… exciting. It is quick, efficient, and can used as an outlet for creative expression—having a blog was something I thought I would never consider. My initial prejudices against such a writing forum, which I chalked up to equivalently mean Tumblr’s and individuals with poor writing vying for recognition has (quite happily) been proven wrong. I believe I will attempt to start my own blog here in the near future outside of academic purposes. But, until then, here is a recap of all that I have published:

1- 5 Personal Learning Principles: Advice from a college kid learning how to adult

In my first blog post, I addressed what I thought were five learning principles that individuals needed to recognize as important foundational principles. This was drawn from my own belief system and upbringings, and in no way reflects an ultimatum. It simply is my personal ideologies.

2- Attention is Reality: Seeing what’s right in front of you

In my second blog post, I began experimenting with the format of how my post is presented. It is here that I recognized the power of Medium’s simplicity. With a few mouse clicks, I was able to insert a video, epigraph, stylize my introductory paragraph, and make my work look more flattering to the eye.

3- Why is the sky blue? Or: asking the right question and finding the simplest answer

Blog post three dealt with an in-class assignment asking students to define a “big question” that they were curious about. I decided to settle on the seemingly innocent question that many write off as ridiculously annoying and a waste of time. I pressed the question further, and simplified my greater question from “why is the sky blue?” to the much more philosophical “why?”. Why not give it a read?

4- Treason is a set of dates: Or what is the importance of challenging existing systems and ideas?

This post advocated for the importance of challenging established ideas and frameworks. Systems already in place can work, but the question is: “can they work better?” On numerous occasions, minority groups or outliers are ridiculed as wrong or are silenced by the greater majority. Sometimes, the outliers are the one’s in the right. With the advent of the internet, ideas and opinions that challenge both minority and majority ideologies are forced to learn from one another, or at the very least, recognize that there are concerns coming from a side.

5- A Gentle Introduction to String Theory: Or A Cosmic Symphony

This was my assignment leading up to my presentation of an immensely difficult subject. I watered down the language and attempted to explain the concept in terms that everyone could understand (myself included). This idea of being able to communicate science effectively to an audience that is not of the scientific community is something that I hope to ultimately carry with me, post-graduation. Science needs voices capable of explaining its importance in this world, not just to other scientists, but to the masses.

6-Observations on technological interaction: Or How we rely on technology today

This post asked me to try and remove technology from my everyday life for 15 minutes a day. I found the task nearly impossible, not because of a lack of self control, but because technology surrounds us constantly.

7-My Mode of Learning

Blog post seven dealt with how I learn best: through kinetics. This was done to complete an assignment outlined by a peer of mine.

8-(Santa) Claus and Effect

This topic called into question my understanding of the legendary elf, Father Christmas. I had a general understanding of the historical context surrounding Santa Claus prior to his ascension to immortality, but a lesson covering this particular topic patched in the holes in my knowledge.

9-LoL Chess: Or Gaming the system

This post involved video games and gaming in general, specifically: League of Legends and chess.

Overall, I feel that I have grown more competent in my use of blogging, and I hope to continue to blog in the future. It seems a viable outlet for expression, and if enough followers are obtained, can make for a powerful voice to the public.

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