3-D printing for the win!

Hey everyone, as a pre-physical therapy student I am very interested in prosthetic limbs and how well they work for those who need them. Traditionally, making someone a new limb can be very expensive averaging around 30,000 to 40,000 dollars per appendage. The article that I just read is discussing how students at the University of Illinois have now figured out a way to make prosthetic hands for only 270 dollars. The group of students told interviews that the large price difference is thanks to their ability to use their universities 3-D printer to make the parts that they need. Over their last break the group of students went down to Ecuador and used their prototype on a 30 year amputee and it was a success. I would defiantly suggest reading this article if you are at all interested in prosthetic’s because this could be the future of how we make affordable limbs.

Scott Weiss


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