Things to look forward to

Hey guys I was just looking through articles and found a really interesting piece on what healthcare advancements we have to look forward to in the future. The article talks about ten different scientific advancements and what they mean for the health care. The first one that I thought was interesting was an article discussing how a scientist named Feroze-Ud-Din Mahmood is working on scanning and printing mitral valves. Once this method is perfected, cardiovascular surgeons will be able to print exact copies of their patents heart valves and practice the procedure before they even enter an operating room. With this technology the risk of heart surgery will dramatically decrease. Another interesting new advancement is Dana-Farber’s method of treating cancer. Currently cancer treatments are very broad and can be harmful to the patent if their oncologist does not know exactly how to target the cancer. Dana-Farber has come up with a way to use mouse avatars to figure out the best treatment plan for the patent. By putting the cancerous cells into the mice, doctors can now try out multiple different treatments on many different mice to be able to come up with the best treatment plan possible. This article has many more interesting new methods that are being used today and I would defiantly suggest clicking the link below and reading more of them. Thanks for reading!

-Scott Weiss

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