To gym, or not to gym?

WWU Wade King Recreation Center

As a first year student attending Western Washington University, one of the biggest factors that drew me into attending this University, was the Wade King Recreational Center. I saw it as a place to take a break and relax from my classes. Although I had not been in the Recreational Center yet, it looked very visually appealing to use. For me it was the large windows everywhere, through which while you were doing pretty much any activity you could see the blue skies outside. I am now into my second quarter of my freshman year of college and personally use the gym every weekday. While I have been using the gym frequently it has upheld my expectations. The gym for some people can be seen as a sanctuary, whether it be to get healthier or let out some stress.

Why use the gym? Why use the Wade King Recreation Center specifically? The gym is a place of multiple uses, it can be a place to run, lift weights, swim, play court sports, and much more. Even if you do not like cardio or lifting there are other options you can choose, from rock climbing to lounging in the hot tub. It can be a reason to get out of the house and learn new things and to improve your lifestyle. The Wade King Recreation Center is a good example of a gym, it is geared to be used by all sorts of people. This rec center is located on a college campus, which makes it focused and designed on pleasing the students attending the school, but can also be used by people affiliated with the school in some way, whether it be an employee, professor, or a spouse of a professor. Despite it being on a college campus it does not dramatically change how the gym functions as a whole when being compared to public gyms that are open to anyone.

All gyms have their perks and short comings. The WWU rec center specifically is a versatile place, you can practically do anything in it. The basketball courts can be utilized for dodge-ball, volleyball, laser tag, etc., there is always something for everyone and anyone to do. Compared to public gyms the Wade King has somewhat of a sense of community, for example you can go to the rec center and study with a group of people or go and work out with some friends, whereas at public gyms it would be a little odd to see a group of college students studying in the entrance. A short coming of Western Washington Universities’ gym ultimately is its air circulation and space (depending on the time of day you decide to go.) Compared to the amount of students attending Western Washington University the gym is unable to expand as the student population grows, causing waits to use specific equipment to be longer.

The Wade King Recreational Center received a 4.7 out of 5 from members of the Western Washington University community on their Facebook page. One student McKenzie Rogu commented “that the gyms air quality was a mix of B.O. and lack of oxygen. Rogu gave the gym a score of four out five, but the air quality a 1 out of 5.” Ultimately the majority of people that use the Wade King Recreational Center were pleased with the design and use.
If you are becoming a student taking six credits or more the WWU gym fees are included in your tuition and can be utilized endlessly. If you are not a student taking six or more credits you will have to pay a gym fee starting at ninety-nine dollars or more. A nice thing about this gym is that you are allowed to guest people in, but for a fee. To learn more about membership and fees visit the link below.
Source for picture one: flickr