Monday 26/10/15

Today in the morning, I looked at the excerpt in the handbook from Epictitus, and I didn’t consciously feel any change, probably because I already thought about life that way. I think that the morning text might have had a negative impact on the start of my day, as almost no one likes to do homework in the morning, and for someone like me, that is something that I absolutely despise. Although it is certainly out of my control, I still became annoyed because of it. So far, the teachings of Stoicism don’t seem to be working…

The lunchtime exercises were a bore seeing as they were again content that I have already reviewed, but I can see how these exercises could calm some people and give them a marginal amount of happiness over their ‘uncontrollable’ lives. It’s slightly irritating how some say they have no control over things when they can actually greatly influence it. An example of this is how in Stoicism, people think about things that are in their control, and ignore absolutely everything else that isn’t in their control. Depending on ones definition of control, the meaning of Stoicism can differ greatly between people. in my opinion, we can control absolutely everything around us, it is just a matter of how much you are willing to do to achieve it.

In the end, I can see the point of Stoicism, and how it can help some people to achieve a higher order of happiness. However, I don’t think that Stoicism is the right sort of philosophy for me.