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What makes an article successful on Medium? Which ones we read and which ones we toss aside? What articles are worth your claps?

Every Medium writer has been made hostage to such questions at one point or another. They nag us every now and then when our stats refuse to be compatible with the effort put into writing, when our hopeful expectations turn to delusion before the meager numbers of views, reads and claps.

The first thing that should be clear to any Medium writer who’s taking writing seriously is that success at Medium (and at the majority of other…

When the economy is working against you

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Sometimes the march of humankind towards progress gets off the track. When the system we’ve built for ourselves changes course and defines its own priorities, we should consider taking back the driver’s seat.

That’s how a tragic story about manual work and how we perceive it starts: human beings giving up on the labor that feels close to their heart in exchange for dematerialized piecemeal jobs.

The American economy has gone through some significant changes throughout the past century, mainly fueled by Taylorism, Fordism and the unrestrained competition that drove the economy later to conceive the consumption-oriented society we know…

Seen through the lens of the ‘Enticing and Takeaway’ perspective

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As a longterm reader of online blog posts and aspiring writer myself, I find that most blog post writers would have something to gain from a rule I intuit and call ‘Enticing and Takeaway’.

In compiled form, it says that everything a writer writes must serve either the purpose of inviting (Enticing) the reader on board for the story she has crafted for them or, if not that, the piece of writing should work as something to stay with the reader (Takeaway).

This is not some arbitrary design I came up with. The importance of an enticing article must be…

Four ways of getting back in charge

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Expense management is all about control: How much responsibility do you take for your current financial situation? You look around and every income stream you have seems either set or at risk of exhaustion. On the other hand, you treat your expending profile as something to be left alone: most of it is untouchable, and the remaining part, which you think you could change, you don’t because it seems insignificant. Who did ever become rich by cutting small expenses?

Yet, as research suggests, a sense of control over the things you are supposed to manage is so important for the…

The dual nature of attention and how to profit from it

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The nature of attention and its relation to the frequency and quality of the ideas we get has been on my mind for a year or two. It feels like common sense to say that to have ideas we need time and processing resources at disposal. In other words, the mind wanting to bring something new to the world must be able to focus on a subject of interest, then through questioning it, come up with an insightful fact about its existence.

My experience shows, and I strongly expect it resonates with yours, that the process is not as straightforward…

The Streetlight Effect and Hemispheric Division

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It’s all over the place. “If you want to be successful at anything, make it happen”. This simple sentence reveals a lot about our confusing moment in history, characterized by the hubristic notion that we are in full control of our lives and that if we’d only wish it enough it would happen.

Although there is a certain amount of truth in such optimistic statements about the degree of freedom that life grants upon those who are willing to fight for what they want, the point of this article is to remember that such simplifications are not general and that…

Political Dualism and the Possibility of Reform

Psychological Dualism and Free Hugs

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We all know the drill. The left-wing is characterized by an emphasis on ideas such as equality, fraternity, rights, progress, reform and internationalism while the right-wing is characterized by an emphasis on notions such as individual value, individual capacity, duty, order, tradition and nationalism.

In the US, the left-wing is embodied by the Democratic Party while the right-wind find representation in the Republican Party. The two sides are supposed to fight eternally according to the ebb and flow of history and the changes in public opinion. …

Don’t mistake writing for rewriting, and vice versa

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’s (right) work

It is often said that writing consists of two main processes: writing and rewriting, or addition and edition, corresponding to the creation and the destruction mechanisms that shape all creative endeavors that we know of.

The first process is the one that is more often associated with artistic undertaking. It’s the part that so often comes to us unasked, in the form of an idea, a dream, or free flow of imagination.

The second process is a destructive one. Here, the forms that rose spontaneously in the first part are tested in the light of the conscious mind and trimmed…

William James and The Varieties of Religious Experience

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As of this century, the world has never seen so much wealth and novelty. As of this century, the world has never been so much divided.

On the progressive front, grounded on scientific materialism, society thrives on the growth of human knowledge and power over nature. We grow surrounded by a whole plethora of technological devices, at the expense of those things that don’t fit in the new living model.

The skepticism directed towards religious dogma and practice cannot be explained solely on the grounds of its outdatedness with respect to social…

Five Rainer M. Rilke lessons to take for life

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In 1903, Rainer Maria Rilke (1875–1926) and the aspiring poet Franz Kappus begun a postal exchange that would last until 1908. What was initially intended as an innocuous attempt to pick the mind of a prominent literary figure became a spiritual adventure into the confines of a writer’s life and of how one is placed on society because of that aspiration.

On reading the letters, one risks not realizing how different a technique Rilke uses to talk about the writing process, so much inspired they are by the life wisdom it contains.

Rilke faces writing as a problem of how…

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