Redesigning a Canadian lifestyle app — a UX case study
Felipe Cepero

Very thoughtful case study, Felipe Cepero!

I believe if you include before-after screenshots of the 3 features you mentioned, it would kill the pain for me and others to have to scroll all the way up to see how the design is improved (which it is, imo, a lot!)

For the onboarding graphs, do you think we should arrange it ascendingly? Psychologically speaking people love to see something increasing, and also it is a more typically demonstrated pattern.

Also, I’d like to hear what you think about my opinion about the Browse Feed.

I don’t use the app, but I’ve used some that have the same browse feed like Drop (e.g. Play Store), where I have to scroll horizontally for new games/apps. This is somehow a bit annoying to me because:

(1) It doesn’t give me an overall picture. I want to scroll to find the best app/game I will download to my storage-limited phone to play in my tightly-limited time, but I can’t even remember the first few apps that I’ve been through. I can’t compare them with the current I’m seeing now.

(2) I don’t know when it’s going to end. I feel out of control of my time because I need to decide if I should continue scrolling or not.

Should we redesign it as well?

Others, how do you think?