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With its most recent IPO that took the whole Wall Street by storm, everyone in the data market space is talking about Snowflake — a cloud-based data warehouse-as-a-service.

As companies are eagerly switching from traditional server-based data warehouses to modern server-less ones (as described in detail by Lars Kamp in his letter to his investors), it’s very likely that your company is looking at adopting Snowflake and revamping the complementary data stack.

In response to this movement, as a data analyst/engineer, you set out to find the most compatible BI and reporting tools for this data source.

Although Snowflake has…

And how you should spend your money on freemium products

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As a (wise) consumer, you probably have compared a product’s price with a hypothetical cost of how it was made, to determine if it’s a good bargain.

However, have you ever wondered if the price you’re paying for a digital product is the same as the value you’d get?

As someone who has worked at 2 SaaS companies for the past 3 years, I couldn’t even give you a straightforward “yes” or “no”. However, I could give you a peek behind the curtain to see how the product developers actually view and treat you.

Note: By product developers, I mean…

Data lovers / Tools

And why you would need one sooner or later.

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The database can be complex and intimidating.

As a developer (especially if you’re from the back-end team), how many times have you been bombarded with emails from non-technical team members or clients asking what a field means?

Documenting and organizing metadata of your database is important for that matter, yet it’s not our top priority. Due to the database complicated nature, we often avoid maintaining it, or worse, creating it in the first place.

That’s where database documentation tools come in handy. …

Holistics / How-to

And the power of Drill-through feature

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As the e-commerce landscape becomes more lucrative-yet-competitive than ever, buyers are getting bombarded with relentless pixel-tracked ads and flashy promotional campaigns.

To stay ahead of the Hunger game and capture people’s attention, brands have no choice but to constantly monitor their sales and intervene timely with the right actions.

While there are already many tips and tricks offered out there claiming the “best ways to boost sales”, none of the websites tell you which to do first.

The problem is: Those websites are assuming that you have such problems that need their solutions, while in fact, you don’t.

For example…

You may have heard of Divide and Conquer. How about Unite and Conquer?

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Image by @nate_dumlao via Unsplash

Think about the last time you brushed your teeth.


Your eyebrows may have raised by now, thinking about the absurdity of this question.

“What’s there to think?” You might say.

Yes. We don’t recall it precisely because it happens the same every day, in a sequence so logical we never admire its complicated beauty:

You enter the restroom, have your brush tooth-pasted, wet your mouth (or not), and start brushing. …

And the release of the first, fully-functional habit tracker for the https world.

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Photo by Jiroe on Unsplash

For the past few years, giant tech companies have been unimaginably successful in compacting more capacity in our 5–6-inch devices.

It’s not sci-fi anymore to say that our phones are mini-computers on which we can complete almost all daily tasks.

Until they become a source of distraction.

The flip side of a powerful phone with more memories is that we can (or are lured to) create a larger-than-life life there (pun intended!). That means, games, documents, songs, clients contact, pictures, slack, chats, are all in one place…

And 5 steps to stick to any routine you’ve carefully planned.

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Photo by Tyler Nix on Unsplash

Cow moos. Dog barks. Horse neighs. Human fails.

It is the rule of nature that failing is part of our life, and it is just as important and inherent as eating or sleeping.

Only by understanding the mechanism of failure, do we know how to improve ourselves. We fall before we walk. We break up before we wed. We miss a few days before we have a fixed routine.

“Those who have a why to live, can bear with almost any how” — Viktor E. …

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Image by @lamppidotco via Unsplash

So I have been reading The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg recently, and I was so so inspired by the idea of a “nuclear habit” that will change everything else. Though I do not really believe it’s gonna have any impact on my life, I still went ahead to experiment it myself.

Note: I’m a last year student that (like almost every other student) stay up late for chit-chat and wake up the next day feeling regretted as hell. I wanted to change that regret feeling. So, you can guess, I plan to wake up early. …

And how OkCupid’s UX writers deserve great respect 🙇

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Source: OkCupid

I grew bored with Tinder, so I moved to OkCupid for some refreshments.

I did.get.refreshed.

1. “Humanize” the voice

Brands are investing millions in finding the great-great copywriters, because, let’s admit it, if your brand doesn’t have a distinguishing voice right now, you are falling behind (Thanks Erin Schroeder for the great post that inspires me to write!)

Unlike Tinder, OkCupid positions their app to be a human, a wingman, a real sidekick that consults us to choose the best half.

Even though this poses a huge challenge for both the design and the UX…

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Image by Ugur Akademir from Unsplash

TL;DR: This guy (me) has just broken up with his Android first love. He went on with an Apple one. He loves it. He wants to share the awesome experience his new partner brings him. He meant no war. He’s just a blind lover.

Disclaimer: I am by no means an Apple affiliate, no #Applefanboy, no Apple-obsessed vlogger, no nothing. I’m just a last year pupil who used to despicably laugh at those who lined up to wait for Apple products.

That hatred… gone with the wind.

I’m not writing this to start a war with Android users…

Alan Ng.

Product Analyst at When I’m not working, I travel, play billiards, or eat steaks. Usually not at the same time.

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