Engage Player Review

Engage Player Review

What are you looking for? It is a video maker, isn’t it? You get the right place, now. I am going to give you some most useful information about the product that the world hopes its date of launch.

This product — Engage — is expected to be the new and talent software that thousands of previous video makers still cannot be. Do you want to try it immediately?



There are a lot of software that has been built to make the best videos. However, until now, no makers can say that we are the best. And that is the reason why you are here. You are here for the better video makers that let you be free almost the time making videos.

Some detail information about the product:

Product name: Engage Player

Creator of the product: Sam Bakker et al

Launch date: 2016–02–24

Launch time: 11:00 EST (8 AM Pacific Standard Time, 4 PM GMT)

Engage Player Review — INTRODUCTION

Viewers often see the video without wondering who the video makers are, how they made them, and whether this process is difficult or not. This seems to be not viewers’ duty.

However, I can say that creating video is not difficult, how to make it well is all that the makers concern about. Many tools are used, but the better the quality of video makers are, the much better the users want it to be.

And now, the Engage Player has been designed with the hope of solving all the limitations of other video makers. So, this Engage Player Review has been written to give you what you want to know about this Engage Player.

Engage Player Review — FUNCTIONS

As said above, Engage Player is built to improve the video quality that most of the previous video makers cannot do well. Do you look forward to seeing it soon?

Engage Player Review


  • Various types of videos are applicable

With this property, Engage Player can be applied to the different videos that origin from the various types of sources. These sources can be Youtube, Vimeo or mp4 files from your computer. This gives you millions of chance making effective videos

  • Change the smallest elements in former videos

You can change every of pictures, sounds, texts, symbols in the old video as you want in the same video. This lets you personalize all the videos as if you are the ones who created these videos.

  • On page content display

Engage Player supports the on-page-content displaying functions. With this characteristic, users can watch it whenever they want. Because this function lets pinning the video on the top of the screen, you can do many things while watching videos.

  • Order to play back

When you stop watching, Engage Player auto-save the stop point. And when you open it again, it will propose you to continue from the stop. That makes you save time instead of re-watching from the beginning.

  • Drag and Drop Builder

You can drag and drop the video to everywhere on the top of the screen. And you can even change the size of Video so that you can see the other tabs at the same time. This means you can do many things at the same time.

  • Pause

Almost videos can pause. But what is the special thing here? Normally, when you open a new tab on the computer screen, the videos you are watching will continue to play. So, you may miss some things interesting. But with this “pause” property, you can freely open new tabs without worrying about missing watch you are watching.

  • Intro and outro videos

You can add the intros or outros video to existing videos. This makes you videos longer and more meaningful.


Price: $67 to $197

Do you wonder why the price range is so wide? Do you think that this price is for the same product? Yes, of course, this is the price for Engage Player. This price increases from $67 to $197 based on the time buyers order it. The sooner you order, the cheaper the price of Engage Player is.


I have mentioned you some awesome features of Engage Player. I think who have read this review like you will have good knowledge. You, now, have your own choice, right?

If you think this Engage Player Review is good, rate me now, if you see it useful, share your thoughts with us here! Thank you for reading our Engage Player Review.

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