Mobile addiction

Where is your mobile phone now? Is it laying near you or being kept in your pocket? How far is it from you? I guess a distance between your cell phone and your position should be less than 100 cm. You may discover that mobile phone become our most important personal appliance. Most of the people will be irritable if they go to work and forget their phone at home. What’s more, people cannot stop using the phone especially when they alone. This situation leads to “mobile phone addiction” which may cause many long-term disadvantages, hence the sooner we notice its detriment, the better we improve our life to be more real life.

We all know that we waste plentiful of time scrolling social network application feed without any utilities for the reason that we want to be an up-to-date person. Even while I am writing this essay, I spend 10 minutes for an introduction, but 1 hour and a half for browsing Facebook before I start writing this body paragraph. What should be the arguments behind this desire? Aristotle said that “Man is by nature a social animal.”. This means we all prefer to live along with other people more than being alone. Thus, social networks can make us feel like we are all around with our friend all the time, which is true, but not certainly authentic.

There is a new word raised for defining the action that people pay their attention to their phone more than people around them, which is “Phubbing”. The research said that there are three primary factors lead to the Phubbing action. First is Internet addiction. Second is fearing of being an outdated person. The last one is the lack of self-control due to mobile craving. This behavior makes human more insensitive about a real relationship among friend, on the other hand, sensitive more on online intangible life which is a big disadvantage for our life. Would it be more advantageously if we are focusing on our actual friends instead of immaterial friends on our phone? There are various ways to decrease mobile phone addiction which easily done if you have heavily aimed to recover your life.

The main idea for reducing mobile addiction is to consider what makes you begin to addict. If it occurs due to your boredom, you may have to write exciting activities as much as you can. For instance, reading, traveling, exercising, or watching a movie. Then stick it near your bed so you can simply read it and do one of them when you feel bored. Furthermore, if the addiction happens as a result of your loneliness, you may have to use your mobile phone, not for online social networking but for contacting your friends to hang out.

We all realized that cell phone is very useful, but it also causes many bad habits if we use it unjustifiable. As a consequence, the earlier we notice its disadvantage, the better we improve our life to be more natural life. In the first phase of behavior changing may be difficult, but if we can get through it. We can live a happy life.


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