View From The Pew- Swamp Thing

In Ezekiel 47, Ezekiel discusses how he follows water from the Temple, which turns into a river that has life surrounding it, but besides the running, healing waters, still murky swamps sit with many of us Christians soaking in them, stinking up our lives.

Those in the swamps find themselves without healing, stuck in criticism without the fullness of God’s promises, all while judging those that are in the flowing river, the Christians that are soaking up the fresh waters and following them wherever God leads them. We all want to get in that river, yet many of us are stuck in the swamps. Here is how to get into that river:

  1. Become very tired of your pride: Pride will always justify our location (stinky swamp), and criticize where others are at, even if they are in the river where God needs them to be.
  2. Give up your desire to control everything around you: You cannot control your life, let alone those around you. So, just give it up and give it to God.
  3. Don’t be a toe-tester: Yes, the river is cold and fast, but just taking a ‘taste’ and then giving up does not help you get out of the swamps. Just jump in!
  4. Stop fighting for control: Realize that when you try to control everything, it all then becomes about you and not about the Kingdom. Let God have control and he will worry about the rest.
  5. Learn to love the visions of God: God wants to bless you! There is a reason that he creates the river of healing, because he wants you to be healed! The Kingdom is a blessing to all, let God love on you and others.

Get yourself out of the stinky, stagnant swamp and jump into the River of Life!

Reference to sermon given on 10/15/17 by Pastor Tracy Johnson at Harvest Church in Pocatello, ID.

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