View From The Pew- The Alabaster Jar

In both Mark 14 and Luke 7, we are given the account of Mary, the “sinner”, breaking an alabaster jar and pouring the fragrant oil on Jesus, and using her tears and hair to wash His feet, all while being silent. All the while, those around her criticized her, giving her great skepticism. Yet, she remained quiet and kept to what she was doing. She was giving emotional worship.

She gave a pure worship with a sober heart. It cost her lots of money for the expensive alabaster with fragrant oils. It was intimate and personal. She sacrificed her pride to help prepare Jesus for his sacrifice. She had everybody else point fingers at her, and yet she kept worshiping and giving everything to Jesus.

While there are many ways of worship, and we all need this personal intimacy of worship. We need to worship God on His level and in his desires, not in our desires. We need to realize that to worship intimately has a cost, and always will, and that is what makes this all so beautiful.

We as Christians need to be blind to the skepticism and allow our emotions and lives to worship him. Go beyond worship in church service, for there is so much more that we need from an intimate worship.

Reference to sermon given on 4/9/17 by Pastor Tracy Johnson at Harvest Church in Pocatello, ID.

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