How Is Safe 9Apps Android App Store? Things to Care

Before downloading any apps you check the safety of the app. You should this to make your device free of malware and adware. How does an app offer security to its users? Can any app remain successful if it does not assure security to the privacy of its users? It is not possible. Here we discuss the safety features of 9Apps Android App Store which is often termed as a perfect alternative to Play Store of search engine giant Google.

Why fewer apps?

One of those first questions about 9Apps is its limited number of apps. Users want to know why there are only minimum number of apps. This is true but partially! Yes, the store is second largest app store after Play Store. When compared to the search engine giant’s store there are only limited number of apps.

And now, if you want to know the reason behind it here it is. The app store does not permit everyone to publish apps unless the apps get through the various levels of safety checks. For those who have gone through the Play store may have noticed that some apps are termed as ‘play protected.’ This means that these apps are safe. Well, then what about those apps which do not come with this tag? How safe are they? Google does not give an answer to it.

On the other end, 9Apps Android App Store does not categorize the apps into two as ‘safe’ and ‘unsafe.’ The store makes sure that all the apps in the store are safe. That means if you are downloading an app from the store you are safe indeed. A good number of apps which fail at our safety checks get banned from being listed.

We also ensure that those mobile app developers who have submitted more than one apps with malicious software will no longer be able to upload their apps to our site. This is done with a view to ensuring better privacy and security to our users.

I have often heard people asking why we need to download apps from 9Apps Android App Store when we have Play Store. The choice is yours but I assure a number of advantages with this app store like free app download and more. If you are staying away from this app store because you are scared of privacy and security, then you are wrong. Have no fear, the 9Apps is safe indeed.

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