Tubik Studio Dribbble Review: March

Full collection of Dribbble shots by Tubik Studio in March

March has flown away very quickly, however, it was dynamic, bright, full of interesting work and learning. And, as usual, we did our best to bring out new Dribbble shots. So, at the very begginning of April let’s remember everything that was shot in March. Well, welcome to Tubik Studio Dribbble Review!

So our spring Dribbble story started with the team shot for Tubik Studio called GIF for Discount Countdown App v.1.0. That is a motion design for a menu opening for one of the projects Tubik Studio was working on. The application itself is dedicated to smart discounting system, but the menu contains links to basic screens like profile, statistics, settings etc. The team working on the project tried to find bright, highly usable and creative solutions. Motion design was done by Kirill.

However, that was not the only team shot last month. A bit later we got one more shot — GIF for Discount Countdown App v.1.1. — demonstrating motion effects of the Discount Countdown application. This is a discount feed screen with the price charts appearing and disappearing for each proposal tile. Again, animation was accomplished by Kirill.

The third March team shot was called GIF for Ribbet controls, providing the rebound of the work by Sergey Valiukh on a design for Ribbet photo-editor. This time the general UI/UX was created by Tubik Studio art-director Sergey, the logo was designed by Tubik Studio artist Arthur and the animation was developed by Tubik Studio motion designer Kirill. So, as you can see, team work was rather productive in March.

Another shot was released by Sergey Valiukh and here we get a GIF for Add buttonrepresenting new fresh idea for traditional Add button. This button is an action that lets the user like the post, leave a comment, add location or add current post from feed to favorites. So, there comes smart, simple and functional idea, which is deeply user-friendly.

In March Sergey Valiukh also presented the GIF for the Echo Feed. That’s a short web-version of ECHO app and motion of the playlist opening. Profile page UI has typical social-network structure with profile data on the left bottom corner and profile posts in the center of the screen. Post is a music stream that consists of an artwork and metadata, so users can open playlist and choose a song.

One more March shot by Sergey Valiukh — GIF — Portrait vs Landscape — presented the fresh idea of landscape and portrait view switching for iPad. Absolute must-see of the month!

The following part of the March shot collection was formed part with our ladies’ shots. To start with, we saw the shot GIF for Event Tracking App by Daria for Tubik Studio, the rebound of Event Tracking App presented by her in winter. It’s an app to sign up to different events, track your performance on promoting the brands, and get paid for that. In this shot she showed an event search screen, where it’s possible to lookthrough the event card using swipe, see the event details and apply for the event.

In addition, there was one more rebound by Kateryna Baikova to present the iPad version for the Tubik Website. The renewed design of the site was shot by Ludmila Shevchenko in February, and this time the iPad version was pictured. The idea was to keep the design as simple as possible but stylish, clear and highly usable at the same time.

March also gifted us a new shot by Alla Kudin for Tubik Studio called Gemrok Love. Being a keen connoisseur of gem rocks and minerals, Alla successfully implemented her passion into this piece of designing art and created her own concept of the online shopping site for this beauty.

In March Ludmila Shevchenko also presented a great shot called Traveller App animation as a rebound for her earlier work. She presented this shot in motion to display the scrolling interaction. Neat and stylish work with great balance of interesting effects and uncomplicated typography.

Dribbble also saw two rebound-shots by Polina Makarevych who debuted at Dribbble in March. The first shot — End of Design Week — was the rebound on Gemrok Love by Alla Kudin as well as Polina’s introduction to Dribbble community.

Her second shot was a rebound of the GIF for the Echo Feed shot by Sergey Valiukh and the happy chance to announce the launch of the app.

So, it’s easy to see that March was full of work and creativity — oh, yes, we didn’t only make shots, guys, most time we were still working on designing projects of all sorts. Anyway, that’s great to see that the month brought a lot of results and inspiration for new creative steps. So, we are moving on, hoping that you have liked our March Dribbble review. And don’t miss: although April has just started, we have already posted new shots, so you are welcome to check them too!

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