How To Do Digital Marketing The Right Way

Trying to learn how to use digital marketing to grow your business?

Digital marketing doesn’t have to be complicated.

We use a pretty simply method to grow businesses with digital marketing (no billboards, no TV, no print, no radio, no brochures or flyers, no referrals, and no JV’s)

We’re going to remove the cover on our business and let you get the inside scoop on how to make digital marketing work for you.

If you want to grow your business with digital marketing then implement these strategies that we’ll cover below.

You don’t have to rely on old school ways that don’t work anymore. We live in the best era the world has ever seen and doing business is easier and more affordable than ever with the opportunities at hand. We’re going to cover all of these.

But first, let me ask a question…

How Marketing Was Done In The Past

Have you tried the old ways of marketing?

We’ve all seen and heard them: Billboards, radio, TV, print, etc. The list goes on and on. Have you tried them before?

These ways have worked in the past. They have served communities and businesses for the longest time.

But just like the Apple with all of its products, Honda with their updated models, and many other companies improve their products, marketing trends are always improving.

But here’s what people have a hard time getting past: What worked 50 years ago is obsolete because newer and more improved methods have changed the way business is done. See what I mean?

All these old ways of marketing are what I like to call “Hope Marketing.”

You pay for something and there’s no way to track how it’s working. Let alone making you money.

Let’s talk about billboards for a second…

A billboard can cost anywhere from $4000-$25,000 a month depending on the location and size of the billboard.

But here’s the thing about billboards:

#1 — They’re way too expensive.

For the price mentioned above, you will get a lot more results from spending the same amount on Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, etc. If you were to put $4000-$25,000 a month into your digital marketing, your business would explode. How does this sound for your business?

#2 — They’re way too broad.

Billboards are going after the general public. Most of the billboards are meant for branding, meaning they’re placed there with the intention to waste money for exposure. Another reason why they’re too broad is because of the offer. A chiropractor might put up a billboard to show the older generations where to go to get their backs taken care of and adjusted, yet teenagers are also seeing the same billboards who typically don’t need an adjustment. Why not show your ads to people who really need it and stop wasting valuable dollars on broad marketing?

#3 — They’re very hard to track

The only ways to track results that come from a billboard is to set up a phone number that is specifically designed to get calls and track the calls that come in, and to set up a website that is designed to track how many clicks it gets because the only place that shows this website is on the billboard.

But when was the last time you called a phone number on a billboard? When was the last time you typed in a website URL while driving?

See what I mean?

This not only goes for billboards, but applies to the same principles as radio, TV, print, etc.

How Digital Marketing is now

Digital marketing is absolutely crushing every aspect about marketing.

There’s one thing that you should keep in mind when it comes to digital marketing, and that is…


Attention is king. Attention is where the money is made. If you can capture attention you’ll capture someone’s purchase. What’s the first thing that happens when a commercial comes on?

Everyone goes to their phones.

Why on earth are you spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on something that people aren’t watching?

2017 was the first year in the history of mankind that more money was spent online for advertising than on TV.

Soak that in for a second..

Should this be a clear indicator that you should start changing where you’re showing your advertisements?

Watch the trends and you’ll know exactly what to do.

I’m going to now touch on some of the topics you should be looking into when it comes to digital marketing.

Paid advertising

Just as it reads, this is advertising you pay for. This can be done in many ways. You can do it on Google, on social media channels like Facebook and Instagram, on other websites, etc. The most important part about paid advertising, also known as paid traffic, is to always be testing. Digital marketing is for the long run. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. If you don’t know what you’re doing you’re going to waste more money in doing so. Testing involves trying new strategies and offers all the time to see what works best. What works today might not work tomorrow. Pay someone else who is an expert in their field to get the job done.

Organic advertising

This is where people find you organically without paying for ads. This can be done through typing phrases in Google and allowing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to take over and allow people to find you without paying for traffic. This too can be done on social media or other sites that allow the search method. Another great way is social media and leveraging the algorithms to put your content in front of the people to whom it matters most. Again, we want to show our stuff to the people who are most likely to buy right?

Social media

Social media is one of the best ways to get marketing done. Get a loyal following and you’ll have free marketing all the time. By using and leveraging social media, you’ll be able to produce content for people who are most likely to become followers, and then you’ll be able to market to them for free. When someone becomes a follower, they are giving you permission to show them more of what you have to offer. You can use social media for both Paid Advertising and Organic Advertising

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a way to be able to pay someone who has a large following to show your stuff. So for instance, if you’re selling a cat mug, you would go to Instagram, find someone who has a large following of cat lovers, and you would work with them to have them post about your product. This can be done on any platform, especially on social media. We’ve been able to sell cat watches on Instagram using this same method. This can also be done on Facebook, Youtube, people with large email lists, and many other methods that requires someone with a large following.

Email Marketing

It is said that for every email you have and market to, you can expect at least a dollar per month to get back. So if you have 50,000 emails from loyal subscribers, you can expect an average of $50,000 per month to come back. This is again traffic that you can get for free or pay for, but after it’s free to get more eyes to your products or services. That’s the best part about email marketing. You capture emails to grow your business. If a social media channel was to become obsolete, which in turn removes your following, you still have your email list. If you don’t have an email list, you don’t have a business and risk going out of business in the future.


Remember when we talked about not showing our stuff to the wrong people? With digital marketing, you can get so targeted on your efforts that you can literally pick your customers. Why show an ad of cat socks to those who like dogs more? Why try to sell a car to someone who can’t afford it? Why not target the exact person you want who is ready to by a home? These are all similar ways you can show your marketing efforts to the right people.


This is one of the most genius ways to show someone your ads who have already seen your ads, products, services, or content. You can set it up so that you can show similar ads to those who see your videos, website, website pages, and blog posts. This makes it easier to bring people along for the ride to be able to see your content on a regular basis, which brings them closer each time to making a purchase and becoming a loyal subscriber.

These are just a few of the ways that digital marketing can be used. There are many other ways to get the job done.

How Digital Marketing Will Be

Marketing is about grabbing the attention and creating a wonderful user experience to allow them to know, like, and trust you to the point where they purchase something. With virtual reality becoming a reality, marketing will become a method of proving great experiences to people without becoming salesy or trying to push products and services. Digital Marketing is only going to become the norm of business. Businesses will hire out their online marketing efforts or have an in house marketing team.

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