How to Fix Facebook App Crashes in iPhone

Facebook is one app that a majority of people have in their iPhones. But an issue is reported by some of the users that the app is crashing and closing unexpectedly in their iPhones. It is frustrating because the app crashes anytime and there does not seem to be a solution. You might be facing the same problem in your iPhone while attempting to use the Facebook app. But you must not get hassled, as there are some methods through which you can troubleshoot the crashing of the Facebook app.

Let’s see how to fix the crashing Facebook app.

1. Method — Quit the app

• Double tap on the Home button and all the active apps will display.

• Find and quit the Facebook app and re-launch.

• It should work.

2. Method — Delete and reinstallation

• If the app is crashing continuously, then delete the app.

• Once you have removed, go to your app store and reinstall the Facebook app in your iPhone.

• It may repair the app or you will need a new version of the app.

3. Method — Update the app

• Maybe an outdated app is causing such issues, so check if your app is updated or not.

• If it is not, then update and check if the app crashes.

4. Method — Update your iOS software

• Maybe the old version of iOS is not compatible with the new Facebook app.

• It is always better to keep your phone updated.

• Update your iOS software to make it compatible for apps.

5. Method — Restart your device

• As the Facebook app keeps crashing in iPhones, you should restart the phone.

• Switch off the phone press and hold the sleep/ wake button.

• Keep holding the sleep/ wake button and turn the phone back on.

Even if after following the processes mentioned above, the problem persists then the problem is not the phone. The issue may be due to the Facebook app itself. If it is, then wait for the new version of Facebook or wait for Facebook to fix the bug.

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