What MDMA Therapy Did For Me


1. Why I Decided To Do MDMA

2. How I Found My MDMA Therapist

3. How I Prepared For My First Session

  1. She told me to eat a very light breakfast, as little as possible, and arrive at her office at 10am.
  2. Once I got there, I would take the first dose of 125mg.
  3. Then I’d put on an eyeshade, Anne would put on some relaxing music, I’d lay back on the therapy sofa, and I’d let whatever comes up, come up.
  4. The instructions for “the medicine” are the same as the book title:

4. The First Session

5. The Aftermath of the First Session

Two days after Session 1

Seven days after Session 1

Eight days after Session 1

Two weeks after Session 1

Sixteen days after Session 1

Three weeks after Session 1: The Southwest Incident

6. The Second Session

7. The Aftermath of the Second Session

The next day after Session 2

Two days after Session 2

A week after Session 2

8. What’s Next?

9. MDMA Reading & Resources



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