My name is Tucker

Hey there reader of this, I’m Tucker. I’ve always believed everything happens for a reason, and manifestation is real. We are all here to do things, to keep life on this planet comfortable and healthy for seven generations to follow. I believe in the creation. How we got here has many answers, that’s fine. One thing that is certain, we are here, so let’s make the best of it and honor this beautiful creation of life on Earth.

Here, I will share my experiences, what I’m working on, what I’m learning, and eventually what I see in my future.

I grew up in Vermont it is home to me. It didn’t seem like it growing up, but the schools here were incredible. In high school life seemed to be about having fun, lacrosse skiing biking longboarding, and getting the work done enough to graduate to get into college, because thats what happens after high school. I’ve learned a lot since then.

First thing I realized after leaving college is, I love working outdoors. My first gig out of school was with Creative Landscaping. A small nursery business not too far from home with, depending the time of season a 2–4 man crew. I still remember my first day when I asked James “What does he mean, when he says ‘edge this’” I know to this day, if I track him down and ask the same question, it will bring back memories and laughter. That summer was full of planting trees, shrubs, and bushes. Mulching, edging, and building stone walls and patios. Time full of laughter, fresh air, and great memories. A year before, (making the best out of my senior summer fresh out of knee surgery) I hadn’t imagined I’d learn these things. That summer was coming to an end and I realized I’d never have to pay anybody to do any landscaping in my life. I could do it all for myself, save a bunch of money, and have a good time doing it! It was time to move on.

I knew I’d need a house someday, so I figured I’d learn how to build one. And what better way to learn, than getting paid to learn? Not many better ways, I say. So one day while I was headed to Po-go kennels, was spacing out a bit missed the turn. No biggie, I thought, I’ll just turn around at Jolley and grab an Arizona. I get in there, get my drink, and Hailey who I hadn’t seen since graduation day the year before was behind the counter. I asked her how she’s been, she’s well, and asks the same of me. I deliver my year at school, landscaping summer and hopes to start building soon, in a minute or so long shpeel, in a nutshell with enough detail to have a good time doing it. She asks me if I’ve talked to Sean recently, apparently he’s taking over his dads construction company. Stoked, I thank her and am off to get back to the job for the day. I get ahold of Sean that day, meet with him at a park nearby, and a week later I’ve got a new job. I spaced out and missed that turn for a reason. Things were lined up, and I got my next paid education because of it. An education that got me out of debt and onto the life I lead today.

Fly with the winds that blow and swim through the currents of life because, “It’s all good, it’s just different levels of good.” ~Steve S.

Until next time,

sincerely yours,

Tucker Shaw