4 Ways Meditation Has Changed My Life for the Better
Say Kubo

Thank you for sharing your insight into the benefits you’ve received with meditation. I related to your expressed concern of discord between Christianity and meditation. The bible is actually replete with instructions to meditate on good things, scripture, God, and the many other blessings that I often fail to appreciate each day. In spite of the this I was unwilling to spend the time to meditate until life brought me to the place that I was willing to try ANYTHING to ease the depression and unrest I was in. My meditation practices are just beginning yet I know it is a foundation on which my life will grow. I was amazed the panicked thoughts I experienced the first time I tried to meditate without a guided voice. The voice in my head raced with thoughts, quotes, affirmations in the most frenzied and unexpected manner. I managed to get through the initial discomfort to discover some peace in the moment of being. I am more comfortable with the practice now, yet I still often go through a quick period of panicked chatter as my mind settles. Thank you for sharing your experience and encouragement.

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