Random dreams when I was in UK

A dream with a island which controlled by a country army then be taken by an unknown force. Government hides everything there. One man and family go there and nearly be captured but he escaped and be a lonely rebeller. His nephew doesn’t know about, come to other island close there for holiday, he met new friends people there but nobody knows about the unknown force and island status. Until he accidentally remember nephew mentioned about island and find out nephew status then try to ask for help but seems like unknown force is too powerful to has everything is under control and will kill anyone if they unwillingly let others know they knew something.

Other things about island is everyone in island is force has their people everywhere if you accidentally let they know you knew anything and they will try to kill you at all costs

When you get in the fight, many interesting things happen. like fighters become something like robots and get more powerful but its like a contract to do so

Other dream is about being sold by father to a corporation which doing underground business like lucky website, terrorist, guard and many others things. Once you get in you could hardly get out.