What I have learnt from Internet

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It is not the client’s job to know exactly what their logo should be or how their website should function. That’s your job. They are coming to you to share ideas, to express concerns, likes, and dislikes. They are looking to you to help guide them to a solution.

Alistapart — Why aren’t you asking questions ?

How to set a clear goal with a template :
Example request:
We’re redesigning our website because we need more traffic and an updated look, and want to become more respected in our industry.
Example goal template:
We want to __________ because ____________ so that ___________.
Example goals:
We want to increase traffic by 20% because we need more exposure so that we can generate eight more leads per month.
We want to update to a current look because we need to be more relevant to our customers so that we can raise our rates by 10%.
We want to write four industry-related articles per month because we want to help our industry so that we can form two partnerships per month.

Alistapart — Taking the guesswork out of design