CASE STUDY | How to Run a Multimedia Advertising Campaign for a Big Brand

Unpacking The #TempleMade Strategy in Three Steps

by Timmy Hsu, a Temple University Student

In 2012, Temple hired Allen & Gerritsen (A&G) to raise the University’s status and profile amongst prospective students, in efforts to increase enrollment. To achieve this goal, A&G developed a campaign that leveraged student-generated content and brand authenticity.” The campaign was called, “TempleMade.”

TempleMade was a mega success. In just one year, the campaign yielded the following results:

  • New Student Applications increased by 13%
  • Honor Student Enrollment increased by 79% (2013 was the most academically qualified class in school history)
  • Generated more than 15,000 Instagram Photos with the #TempleMade

Today, we’d like to pay homage to A&G on the 5th year anniversary of the TempleMade campaign, as we unpack their approach to multimedia advertising for big brands in three strategic steps.

Step One: Raise Awareness

It was hard to miss the eye-catching, “cherry and the white” billboards that colored Temple’s campus when the campaign launched.

Each ad reinforced the fearless, overcome-all-obstacles spirit that the campaign invoked.

#TempleMade quickly became more than just a hashtag. It became our motto. It became our identity — and everyone knew it.

Step Two: Authenticity Creates Engagement

A&G knew that in order for the TempleMade campaign to work, they had to use current students to reach prospective new students.

To reach the millennial generation, brands have to be authentic. They have to tell real stories that portray the brand experience accurately, without pretext or filters.

Authenticity is the secret sauce. Marketing to millennials doesn’t work without it.

A&G was able to capitalize on this insight with the TempleMade hashtag. #TempleMade gave students a voice in the campaign. Everyone shared their own TU experience — generating a collage of 15,000+ photos on Instagram from Temple’s diverse community.

Step Three: Recognition is Social Currency

One of the reasons why people post on social media is to solicit positive feedback from their peers.

People want to show themselves in a positive light, and the feedback loop in social media helps us validate our experiences with “likes” and “re-tweets.” Wharton Business School Professor, Jonah Berger, calls it “Social Currency” in his book Contagious | Why Things Catch On.

A&G created a platform that allowed students to contribute to the campaign, and then they rewarded student participation by incorporating their post into other ads.

A&G used custom search filters to collect #TempleMade photos for use in print, billboards, and TV ads. This inspired students to post even more — seeing your post in an ad scores major cool-points.

For more information about Allen & Gerritsen | Website | LinkedIN