5+1 reasons to express our opinions online

I wonder what happens if we wonder more

I’ve been asking myself: when it comes to online communication, is it better to fly under the radar and mind our own business, OR to ride the social media wave and get our ideas out there?

Here are a few arguments in favour of the latter approach and why getting out of our comfort zone, when it comes to online debates, might be a good thing.

1. Incentive to research the topic at hand

Curious as we might be, when there are no immediate incentives or risks, we tend to indefinitely postpone learning about a subject.

BUT, if we’re somewhat responsible individuals and we’re sharing our opinions, we might feel compelled to expand our knowledge on that particular subject.

2. Exposing our ideas to public criticism

Once we get our opinions out there, there’s a high chance people will either agree or disagree. If they do disagreee, we can be pretty sure they will tell us. And, however crazy this may sound — they could be right and we could be wrong. And if we keep an open mind, this is an easy way to improve ourselves.

3. Building meaningful connections

We naturally feel good when we discover people with similar interests. Human connection (did I mention meaningful?) gives us a sense of security and well-being. It also keeps us from becoming a hermit and/or going crazy. Not suggesting this would necessarily be a bad thing.

4. Better career and business opportunities

“Personal brand” is this fancy concept that describes how people perceive us. When we convey our messages in a genuine, knowledgeable, and open manner, it makes it easier for us to initiate new relationships. The positive perception eventually opens up ways to work with people we admire.

5. The world we desire can be won

There might be a small probability this will happen. But what if it does, and we had missed our chance? — to change people’s minds and therefore contribute to building the world we aspire to live in.

5+1. More effective than praying

Expressing our opinions online could be a good substitute to praying. God might not be able to read our minds, but they will definitely be able to read what we shared online. TK

Now, having read these arguments in favour of being proactive online, what do you think are the associated risks? How can we mitigate them?