Airport Car Park Safety and Security Tips

Your wife is traveling quite often in different parts of UK and international. And it is a tradition for you to send her to the airport to ensure that she is safe and that she arrives on time. However, there are times that you are in a hurry and looking for a parking space takes time. You cannot just leave it anywhere right as you’d be charged or your car will be stolen. That would cost you a lot. Hence, airports have this meet and greet system to make the traveler’s experience easier. Someone in uniform will approach you and present himself as a parking attendant and make a deal on parking your car in a particular area. This system is time effective and keeps you from the hassle of settling your vehicle. Meanwhile, there are things that you should observe before letting someone take your car as thieves sometimes mask to be one of the attendants for safe parking Gatwick. Here are safety and security tips you should consider in taking this opportunity.

Ask for the attendant’s ID. When someone approached you and presented himself as car park attendant, ask for his identification card. Inspect it and see if the card is updated and that it contains the necessary information about the company he is working for. You can also ask for additional ID which you can take a photo for security purposes. Do not forget to get his number and ring it if you still have time for safe parking Gatwick

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