The CanopyLAB team is growing

Hello everyone!

My name is Tue Robi Jensen. I’m born Indian, living in Copenhagen. I hold a master’s degree in Political and Economic Geography from University of Copenhagen, the Faculty of Science. Besides, I have taken various academic courses within the field of political science and international relations.

I am the newest employee at CanopyLAB, and have been hired as Head of Business Development and Strategic Partnership.

Throughout the last 10 years, I’ve been developing and executing strategic market development and communication within the field of sustainability, climate, and energy for the Confederation of Danish Industry, having some of the largest Danish companies as clients.

These market development projects have been executed in various communities, from the least developed African countries to facilitating strategic high-end solutions on Manhattan, New York City.

Most of my “sustainability” work has been anchored in the present UN SDG goals and executed in Sub Saharan Africa, where I engaged local governments with Nordic and local industry affairs.

Developing and executing projects in the most challenged parts of the world and working with local populations in rural regions made me realize that is it not only “the accessibility to education” that is a challenge, but also the lack of competence “to learn”.

Due to this acknowledgement, I have decided to join the successful startup and EdTech company, CanopyLAB, to be part of a project that develops engaging and individual learning for both people in developing countries and corporate institutions.

I have always been fascinated by how technology drives behavioural change, and find CanopyLAB — as the upcoming global EdTech company, combining individual learning and social engagement as — one way to succeed in reaching the UN SGD goals. Due to my international experience working with large companies and developing markets, I see this as a natural step in my career, and I am looking forward to help CanopyLAB become a global success.