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Now and then, I’ve been wondering whether or not ethical and moral standards are actually considered as important among leaders. Who behaves exceedingly self-interested and exploitative and who leads consciously with values? Who executes doubtful decisions with a shrug or out of fear and by doing so express their consent and who decides not the execute? Going in the talks with decision makers or even confronting them can be time consuming and exhausting but the idea of executing actions we think are not only ethically and morally wrong but would also provoke negative behavior along with economic consequences should make…

Businesses undergo a lean transformation to get rid of whatever does not contribute to a specific goal and thus eliminate waste of money, time an effort. Lean management can be perfectly adapted to our personal lives. If you might also feel the urge to get rid of the waste in your life but you don’t know where to start, here are a couple of advices.

1. Clear out your wardrobe
Check every clothing and build clusters, e.g. necessary for work, summer essentials, winter essentials, sports wear, special occasions. Then go through every cluster. Do you still like each of the clothing…

Tuelay K

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