There are three stages, the stages look different but feel the same.

I’ve been through a lot of S*itstorms in my life. Some work related. Some personal. Some completely fabricated in my own mind. Each one was it’s own special version of s*itstorm, but what they all had in common is that they were s*itstorms. The details were different, but the pattern was the same. To me, this is comforting.

All s*hitstorms have three stages:

How to talk about boundaries in times of stress.

The words ‘safety’ and ‘comfort’ mean something different to us than they did a month ago. Can you imagine, a month ago, that saying “stay healthy” would truly be an appropriate and caring thing to say when ending a conversation? Can you imagine, a month ago, that we would have come so far so fast in really putting people’s mental health first? Our social interactions, right now, are different.

What this means is that being ‘safe’ and ‘comfortable’ look different to us now. When I’m in the grocery store, I don’t…

Turning off has never been harder.

Today is Sunday. I think. It might also be Wednesday. These groundhog days are flowing together more and more. This weekend my mind has been turning to the idea of a work/life blend. Something I first wrote about here, about 5 years ago.

I still believe what I wrote then, “You make the best choices you can in the moment, but the whole idea of blocks of time devoted to one or the other no longer exist. We own every minute of every day. We can choose what to do with each minute based…

Why we need to give ourselves permission to take a breath during this stressful time.

I’m really freaking passionate about my team. They are my second family. They are a group of incredible people. I would go into battle with them every day. In fact, I do. We rely on, and trust, each other.

During this time working from home, every morning we have a 9:30am get together. Yes, we like each other THAT much. Sure, we talk about work, but we also talk about how we’re feeling, we share what we’re doing to cope, we tell stories of our…

What grief can teach us about what we’re going through right now.

I’ve been thinking a lot about what we as a society are going through in this time of Covid 19. It’s hard on all of us. It’s hard on our families. It’s hard on the people we live with. It’s hard on our teams.

I’ve also been thinking about the 5 Stages of Grief. I think we are all going through this in some way. Whether it’s been on a societal level, or on a personal level, I can map what I’ve been seeing somewhat onto these stages.

Social Distancing, Day 6

Yesterday, we finally came to terms with the fact that we might be here a while. I finally looked at Simon and asked “So, if we’re going to be in this confined space every day, what are we going to have to do differently?” We sat down and made a list of commitments to each other. I thought I’d share it here. Not only will it give some structure to our days, but it will make difficult conversations easier in the future. …

Social Distancing, Day 4

photo cred Simon Williams

Move. Every day. That’s what my partner and I have been trying to do since January. We doubled down on this mantra when we realized that there was a long stretch of inside-time ahead of us.

Complicate that with the fact that we’re outside people. If we stay inside for too long, our minds get loopy. Really. And there’s science to back this up! Whether you subscribe to the idea of Forest Bathing, you love fresh air, or you want to work to get your blood pumping, this time of Social Distancing (or, for some, Sheltering…

Social Distancing, Day 3.

When we realized what societal measures were going to be required to truly fight this pandemic, after taking care of my business, I packed my car to go to the cottage for three weeks. At the last minute, I threw in a journal. ‘I should document this,’ I thought to myself. And here, three days later, I’ve decided to document it electronically.

Over the next three weeks I will pen my observations, feelings and (hopefully) learnings about community building, leadership, fear, friendship and love. All thoughts and writings will be my own and mine alone.


Hannah Parish

Passionate cyclist. Mobility maverick. Proud Canuck living a new adventure every single day. #nevernotexciting

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