Recreation Center At Western Washington University

Before going to Western Washington University one of the few things that I thought of is the gym. When it was my first time visiting Western I thought about what the gym looked like inside. In my senior year I told myself, I will be going to the gym five times a week. I came up with the goal because I wanted to stay fit through out my college years.

When I finally moved to Western the first thing I did in the morning was to go to the Rec center. I can get started on my goal. When I first went inside, I thought it was just a typical gym. Downstairs is where you check in and all of the employees were really nice, they all had a huge smile on their faces.

The first thing that you would see when you enter the Rec center is the basketball and the volleyball courts. All three of them are right next to each other in between is white dividers. A lot of shirtless guys were already playing basketball. Their shoes squeaks on the floor mostly when guys run to get the ball. In the volleyball court there were two girls who were playing volleyball. Just by standing by the front desk I can already hear the dribbling and shooting of a basketball, while the volleyball was being hit by the pulse of the girls wrist. When I heard the sound of the basketball court it reminded me of my high school basketball and volleyball games. Then realized that I am at the gym after all. That sound made me feel like I’m back at home with a lot of laughers with my friends.

Everybody has something to do while being at the gym like some people can do cardio and some people can lift weights etc. If students don’t want to work out students can play basketball or volleyball. The students can swim at pool, go to the hot tub and just relax, or climb the rock wall. At a certain time, the gym can get really busy and it’s hard to work out because everywhere you would go it would be so full. I usually go to the gym at four o’clock on the weekdays and it’s always packed. It’s really frustrating because I have different work out routines everyday, so I have to always change my work out depending on what’s available for me to use. I can’t just go to back and forth to the gym. College students are always busy when they go to the gym it means that’s the only time that they can go to the gym. The gym is where students can escape from stress and other things that they might be going through.

At the University of Washington, they have the main Rec center and they also have small gyms, but they don’t have a hot tub. Western Washington University has only one Rec center, but Western has a huge hot tub. The hot tub at Western is a huge thing for me, theirs some days where I don’t feel like working out and I just want to relax after a long day. Going to the hot tub is a way for me to be alone and reflect about my life. After hot tubing I would be more focused and less intense when I go back to do homework.

The Rec center is a great way to spend some time to take time off from studying or wanting to be alone. You have to go at the right time or else it will be crowded. It would be so hard for you to work out because everybody is using it. It’s frustrating too at the same time, expecting to have your alone time and to release stress. Then next thing you know you can barely work out since everybody is using it.

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