Easy or Creative

As usual every project comes with a choice: the easy way out or get creative with something you actually care about. More often than not, most people choose the easy way out especially when it comes to college projects. I believe i have narrowed down the reason for this choice to three key factors:

The first and foremost reason is time or lack of it for that matter: Yes you definitely try to make time for your project but you end up getting sidetracked by your other classes and projects in those classes, you therefore choose the basic and easiest most often hackneyed topics which often requires relatively less time input to maximize your time.

Second on the list is fear; fear of getting stuck; fear of being too creative; fear of taking the uncharted path: You fear you are going to get really stuck somewhere along the line when you try to be “creative” therefore you end up picking an uninspired project to work on as long as there is proof (back projects) that it can be done or has been done before

the final reason is one which is one which is quite interesting and not to mention disputable: Most students are highly grade-oriented. Its true that to be a good student you need some level of grade awareness, however this has its drawbacks too. Students therefore choose the easy project to save the all important GPA.

These factors are present in some form when it comes to almost every decision-making. They pretty much form the basis of how most students make their project decisions.

Is this true? Are there any other influencing factors? Can you relate to this? Feel free to let me know in the comments.

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