The Future of Flying

One aspect of technology that has always fascinated me are airplanes. The fact that these large airbuses carrying up to hundreds of people could lift off the ground and be able to travel thousands of miles is unreal. I recently read an article about the future of airplanes and was shocked by the ideas these large companies like Boeing were coming up with. First off, I always believed companies were trying to build bigger airplanes. In reality, airlines are trying to obtain a jet much smaller than the 787 but bigger than the 737 for transatlantic flights. This would create greater efficiency as well as a more innovative way of flying.

As for those shorter, regional flights, electric planes are in the works for most companies. These aircrafts would be limited by size of the battery and the amount of power but would be just fine for those trips from New York to Philly or Philly to Pittsburgh. The whole idea of these electric aircrafts is to compete with the prices of train or bus tickets. This is due to the fact that jet fuel costs would be cut in half with the implementation of these advances airplanes. The future is coming and there is real belief to be excited for what the aviation industry has in store for its passengers.