The biggest non-technical lesson I have learned in my journey as a developer

There is always another option... Never quit

I will discuss how always believing that you are closer to the solution than you think has helped me become a better programmer and partner. The programming field is made up of trials and error methods. Every day in a developer’s life, there are a bunch of bugs ready to jump in, but we keep trying new ideas and failing and we know that all this is part of the programming world. With this ideology in mind, it reduces the rate at which imposter syndrome affects you. Knowing that the solution is always close and that you are closer to it than you think should be your driving force.

There was a time my coding partner and I made 12 hours looking at a code that won’t work and receiving an error from a particular line. Actually, we gave up, but after some time we said a bug in one line cant be more than two people and in less than 3 minutes we found the full stop(bug) causing all that. So u always just need to look a little harder.

  • Furthermore, my ability to either quit or bend on the reason why you started has also been a plus. Quitting is no different from picking up the smoking habit for they both destroy you later on. The reason why you started coding should always be in the back of your mind to encourage you. Having that in mind will make you overcome many barriers and reasons to quit. Also having in mind that if it was easy then everyone will do it should make you work harder. I have solved issues I almost gave up on but if you stay long enough around a barbing shop you will definitely get a haircut.
  • There is always another method to solve that same problem and ask for help if the worse comes to the worse. Help does not mean you are weak, it means at least you know what needs to be done but your method isn’t working. Remember when you ask you will never ask for that same help again and congrats you just had additional knowledge. Take breaks and keep trying. Quitting is the easiest thing to do so don’t join the easy crew.
  • The developer world is like any other and you can use situations where you solved difficult tasks and when you didn’t give up as past experience. But just because you stayed in there you overcame that difficult moment. There are many ways to solve the same problem so always think out of the box.
  • I will end by repeating that if you quit, you just developed a new bad habit. Learning programming is like passing through hell, but since you are already in hell why not keep going, why will you want to stop in hell. Experience is sweet but it comes with time. You don’t just get up and know it all, you start from somewhere and never give up till you see the light at the end of the tunnel. Hard work beats talent. Accept failure to grow and don’t ever take quitting as an option. Lastly, always remember why you started.




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