Meet our Career Fellow: Scott Simpson!

Tell us about yourself and a fun fact
I am senior studying Quantitative Economics and Environmental Studies from Montreal, Canada. On campus, I am co-captain of the Tufts Swimming and Diving Team and president of the Tufts Energy Group. One of my post college goals is to complete an Ironman triathlon.

What made you interested in the Career Fellows Program / working at the office?I joined the Career Center team as an office assistant my Freshmen spring and have enjoyed watching the office grow and continue to adapt to better serve Tufts Students. The career fellow program seemed like a perfect opportunity to help create a friendly space for students to get advice, guidance and support.

What is a challenge you’ve faced and how you overcame it
One of the things that I have always struggled with is confrontation particularly within a team setting. I have found that writing down concerns or points that I want to bring up and talking through them with someone I trust can go a long way in building up my confidence and ability to convey an idea.

What do you do to find balance between all the different things you do?
I constantly ask myself why I am doing something. It’s a good filter as to whether or not I am spending my time usefully and also reinforces what I should prioritize.

What advice would you have for other students thinking about their careers?
Never stop learning.