Blog 2 — My Favorite Aspect of M.E.

When i first came to temple with a plan to major in mechanical engineering i didn’t really know what this major primarily focused on. After a few semesters and some experience under my belt I decided that robotics was my favorite topic. This past summer i found a cheap 3D printer for a little over $230 on amazon and started combining 3D printed parts with motors and other electrical components. Currently I am building my own drone which consists of a simple drone body I designed/printed and electrical equipment that i managed to scrape together from other retired electronics. With this being said a current event going on in the real world dealing with robotics that fascinates me is autonomous cars. Self-driving cars are not far from being integrated in to real life. The main reason the are not available now is because they simply aren't smart enough yet. For instance the sensors in the cars can sense big bulky vehicles such as S.U.V.’s but are having trouble identifying smaller vehicles such as bicycles. Once the autonomous cars are prevalent, the driving world will be much more efficient and less lethal.

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