Is it a motorcycle or a car?

My favorite application of ME is by far cars. I know this is not supposed to be a car blog but dang, I love cars. I don’t mean to sound like a strange “car guy” that has an irrational love for mechanical objects but they are some of the most fascinating machines.

It’s not just cars for me though; any mode of transportation is interesting to me. Of course, the faster they go and the quicker that they can accelerate (in any direction of the general plane that they are in e.g. going forward, stopping, turning…drifting) the more interesting they are to me. These modes include motorcycles and quads and even non-motorized methods like bicycles and skateboards. Pretty much anything that can move independently inside of its own general horizontal plane is something of interest to me.

One of the most interesting ME projects that I’ve been following for the past few years is this: Check it out.

It has potential to change the way we commute. It could also fail like the smart car. Whatchya think?