Professional Development

So it’s been more than 10 weeks since we first blogged about our professional development goals and it feels like it’s only been three. This semester has gone by so fast because of how much has gone into it. That being said, I definitely made progress with my goals. I wanted to improve my time management skills so I can be more prepared and avoid missing assignments, study opportunities, etc. Out of my five semesters at temple, I feel that I put the most time and work into this one. I actually have been way more on top of my work. At the start of the semester, I told myself I was going to really focus and do the most I need to bring my grades up and have an overall less stressful semester than the previous.

I think what helped me the most was actually getting to know my professors and utilizing office hours. I’ve written on here before about how I never used to go to office hours before, but this semester I learned that even going for a few minutes, a professor can really clarify my confusion on a subject. And contrary to my previous belief, they actually like to see you come in.

So overall, it’s been a pretty good semester in terms of my personal/professional development and I definitely have this class to thank for making me actually write down what I wanted to improve on. (So thanks Tony!!)