Who Is Brockhampton?
Brockhampton’s Saturation Trilogy

In today’s music industry there are too many artists covering topics such as drugs, sex and violence, immersing ourselves in this type of music we often forget to understand that life is not really about that. Having a large platform such as many artists have it is important to speak up for things that will benefit and make society stay in the right “lane”. Brockhampton being one of the major artists that have not only impacted me, but many others. Brockhampton considers themselves to be a “boy-band” and not only do they put out music consistently, but they cover topics such as race, gender, sexual orientation, drug addiction, abandonment and so much more. Using their large platform to talk about these things is so important because it teaches us as a society that you have to be upfront with these issues so people can be aware and educated. Not only does Brockhampton speak about these things through their music but they contribute to society by using social media to reach out to the public and keep people aware.

What is so amazing and different about this boy-band is that they are not just about the music, Brockhampton consists of over 10 people and all of them do not just stick to one part, they all contribute to vocals, production, editing, art, merch and so much more. They made this as a whole collective and almost using themselves as a brand to put themselves out there for the culture. Brockhampton is a whole new level of spreading awareness through music because they are fully inclusive in so many other things. Although Brockhampton usually caters to hip-hop as a genre they really want their fans to understand that it is so much more than hip-hop, lead singer Kevin Abstract states that he talks about all these issues through their music because no one else in this industry does. Being a catalyst of approaching such controversial issues in our society can really inspire other upcoming artists to speak up for things that are not spoken about.

Overall, commending Brockhampton with the amount of effort that they have put into their albums, in a little over six months they will have put out three full albums (third one coming soon) naming this the “Saturation Trilogy”. The past two albums being over 15 songs have touched on all of the topics society needs to be discussing about leaving them consistently being talked about in the media. Their hard word and efforts are noticed and Brockhampton continues to inspire me and so many others to discuss important topics such as gender, race, sexual orientation and etc.

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