Why is a contribution to a cryptocurrency index much better than an investment in one currency?

Oct 24, 2018 · 3 min read

Cryptocurrency market is very volatile, investing in cryptocurrencies can be challenging and risky. After observing this problem, Tugush Blockchain Capital create a “TBCi 20” (Tugush Blockchain Capital Index) — easiest and most profitable way to enter in this rapidly growing market.

By diversifying holdings over multiple assets we can create a much less volatile opportunity within the very volatile crypto market. The core of TBCI20 holdings backing the value of asset will be the long-term holding portfolio.

The “TBCi 20” would be the first of its kind — It will bring stability and old-economy money into the blockchain technology ecosystem, which will boost liquidity and provide a stable instrument for those who previously thought it was too risky to invest in a single cryptocurrency.

Diversifying holdings over 20 different assets allows you to invest in the entire volatile crypto market without the risk of betting on a single coin. Data for computation of “TBCi 20” Crypto Index is sourced from coinmarketcap.com resource. “TBCi 20” is managing an index fund of coins that are listed in the top of the coinmarketcap.com or coins that are ranked lower but already have proven to have a perspective project, development team or a good vision of technology. By holding just 1 “TBCi 20” asset, you will be involved in all this different crypto opportunity: you hold 20 different cryptocurrencies at one time and involved in crypto trading.

The biggest concern of our long term holding — stay a balanced TBCi portfolio. We constantly monitoring the current top of coinmarketcap.com to determine what assets we are going to add to our “TBCi 20” and will be rebalanced if necessary.

Also, we can rebalance the “TBCi 20” internally. If there are new coins climbing in the market top or others falling out, we can rebalance the portfolio at any time by selling several assets and buy into new assets.

-The second way of rebalancing will automatically happen on a weekly basis. At the end of every week 50% of the generated trading revenues will be added to the long-term holding portfolio. Our team will study the portfolio and the current coinmarketcap rank to determine how the trading profits will be diversified.

So rebalancing is crucial to stay a stable and healthy index portfolio. We evaluate and use several different indicators to determine which Coins to add to our holding or to exclude from our holdings. One of the keys is that a single coin can never cover more than 10% of the total holdings Beside the rebalancing being crucial to maintain a healthy holding we have another very powerful tool that will give our holding a boost.

the value of our token will be determined by the growth of value of the different assets that are backing our token. But another very important thing is to expand the volume of this holding. From this point our other activities step into the front.

Our trading and mining activities will contribute a certain percentage of their weekly and monthly profits to our long-term holding portfolio.

By doing this our holdings value will not only grow by the elevation of our assets but also by expanding the volume of our holdings on A weekly and monthly basis.


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