One Snap at a Time

I previously wrote about how I had somewhat irresponsibly purchased a new camera and was teaching myself to use Lightroom. I am really pleased to say that I have used my camera several times since we last chatted. I’ve found that my hiking is a wonderful excuse to break it in and experiment with the different settings.

Over break I went on 3 hikes, totaling 20 miles in distance — and I took my camera with me on two of those outings. Having my camera out while I’m hiking to take photos on a whim is something I’m getting used to, because I like keeping both my hands free while on trails — so I am currently trying to come up with some type of balance between keeping my camera out but also not running the risk of smashing my face into the ground if I were to fall because my hands were occupied.

The first hike I went on was with my dad at Evansburg State Park. We did a 5 mile loop, and it took around 2 hours to complete. This is the hike that I didn’t take my camera along for. It was the Sunday after it had snowed, was really cold out and I honestly just forgot it at home when I was heading over to the hike.

Next hike was just over 9 miles along Forbidden Drive and the Orange and Andorra trails that are in that area. I got my friend Dave to tag along with me, which was cool. Although I am perfectly fine hiking by myself, I really do prefer going with someone if possible. I took some photos, and he took some with my camera as well. This was my favorite picture Dave took of me while we were out and I edited it myself. There are a few of him that I really like, but I’ll leave that up to his discretion to share.

Definitely not a model by any means lol. Kinda funny to see in photos what you are actually doing with your face when someone makes you laugh or as you’re reacting to something someone has just said.
I bet everyone who takes phots at Valley Forge has a similar image in their records.

My last hike over break was in Valley Forge, this time on my own. It’s a really good area for short loops, but not for someone who wants to go at least 5 miles in one shot. I was able to do 6 miles total, but that was after doing two different trail loops and backtracking a little. I’ll add in my favorite photo from that trek as well. Not sure how I feel about taking photos of structures yet, but I think with some practice I’ll get the hang of more of the compositional stuff that makes photographs more appealing to look at.

Although I am still learning how to use the different settings on the camera and might not have that “artistic eye” like some other folks, I am pleased with what I have taken so far, and I am thrilled with how much I have been enjoying it all thus far. I’m really excited to take it with me on more excursions in the future!