Internal Hard Drive Fails

So.. Computers have become a necessity for all students but, in my biased opinion, a requirement to pass for engineering students. I got my first laptop almost two years ago (although it did have to be replaced due to a hot chocolate issue that was not my fault). The week before midterms, my laptop decided to give me a lovely blue error screen of death. I tried to trouble shoot it on my own but didn’t get too far. I took it to Best Buy and Geek Squad tried to fix it. They had it for 3 to 4 days (which is equivalent to not having it for a month in homework time) and I was graced with a $300 dollar repair because my internal hard drive had failed. So I picked it up and the first day using it an hour or two into work, HELLO BLUE SCREEN ERROR! So I tried to get to my desktop and was successful enough to complete my linear homework assignments when it gave me another error then wouldn’t let me bac to my desktop. That weekend I called and they said I would have to bring it in or have Geek Squad access it remotely. I chose remotely due to having to head to work and not wanting them to have it for another week. The remote Geek Squad said that “Your internal hard drive replacement was damaged upon arrival so it has to be re-replaced”. Awesome. Excellent. Just what I wanted to hear, but it gets better! I brought it in for them and they said they didn’t get the error but would replace it when they got more in. Currently still have a non-working laptop that died in the middle of a machine theory exam.. so internal hard drives… not my favorite.

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