How to Identify Easy-Competition and Moderate Search Volume Keywords on Amazon UsingFree Tool!

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Amazon Keyword Research Tool by EcomStal

Many Amazon seller tools in the market have keyword research tools. But finding a free one with all the key features is difficult. In this blog, we will discuss such a tool that is simple to use, has a free plan, and overall, affordable.

EcomStal | Simple and User-Friendly Amazon Seller Tool Kits

EcomStal has been designed for beginners and newcomers to small and large business entities, with simplicity and affordability as the guiding principles of the tool. Real-time data extraction and comprehensive data analysis, a simple interface, and affordability have made this unique.

What is Amazon Keyword Research Tool by EcomStal?

It is a comprehensive keyword research tool. It helps you to find high-performing keywords with low competition and moderate search volume.

How Much Does It Cost to Collect the Keywords from Amazon?

EcomStal pricing plan is simple and affordable. Here is the plan:

Free Plan: Limited data with all key features.

Paid Plan: A single paid plan @US$29 per month for unlimited data with all the key features.

How to Sign Up for EcomStal?

Here is the step-by-step guide to sign up for EcomStal:

Click “EcomStal” on Google

EcomStal Sign Up Page

Next, click the “Get Started for Free” Button

EcomStal Log In page

Follow the instructions and sign up!

How to Find the Easy-Competition and Moderate Search Volume Keywords on Amazon?

Sign Up to EcomStal for a Free trial

EcoStal home page

Click the “Services” button on the top right, then “Amazon”, and afterward “Keyword Research

EcomStal Amazon keyword research page

Later on, the “keyword research” page will appear, and type your keyword or “Apple watch” in the search box and click search. Wait for a while

Keywords search result page @EcomStal

Next, your keyword search result page with comprehensive data will appear on the screen. Furthermore, Click on the “Action” button in the line of your targeted keyword and wait for a while to get more insight into your targeted keyword.

Keyword search result page from Amazon

Here is the search result page for the keyword “Apple watch”. It has search volume, completion, related keywords, and other important information about the “Apple Watch” keyword.

Amazon Product keyword search result page

So, here is your step-by-step process to find the easy-competition and moderate search volume keywords from Amazon using the EcomStal Amazon Keywords Research Tool. Sign Up for a free trial, if you like it subscribe for the paid version.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

EcomStal Amazon Seller tools Kit

What is EcomStal’s Keyword Research Tool for Amazon Sellers?

EcomStal’s Keyword Research Tool is a powerful solution designed to help Amazon sellers discover and optimize keywords for their product listings, ultimately enhancing visibility and boosting sales.

How does the Keyword Research Tool work?

The tool utilizes advanced algorithms to analyze Amazon’s search data, providing sellers with insights into relevant keywords for their products. It helps users identify high-performing keywords that can improve product discoverability.

Can I use the Keyword Research Tool for international markets?

Yes, EcomStal’s Keyword Research Tool is designed to cater to various Amazon markets globally. Sellers can leverage it to optimize keywords for different countries and enhance their international selling strategy.

Is the tool suitable for beginners in Amazon selling?

Absolutely. The Keyword Research Tool features a user-friendly interface, making it accessible for sellers of all experience levels. It provides straightforward insights and recommendations to guide beginners in optimizing their product listings.

How often should I use the Keyword Research Tool?

Regular usage is recommended, especially when launching new products or updating existing listings. Consistent use ensures that your keywords remain relevant and aligned with changing market trends.

Can I access historical keyword data with this tool?

Yes, EcomStal’s Keyword Research Tool offers historical data, allowing sellers to track keyword performance over time. This feature aids in assessing the effectiveness of past strategies and making informed decisions for the future.

Is there a difference between the free and paid versions of the tool?

Yes, while the free version provides basic features, the paid version (US$29) unlocks additional premium functionalities, offering more comprehensive insights and advanced tools for enhanced keyword optimization.

How can I subscribe to EcomStal’s Keyword Research Tool?

To subscribe, visit our website and choose between the free and paid versions. Simply follow the prompts to create an account, and you’ll gain access to the powerful features of EcomStal’s Keyword Research Tool for Amazon Sellers.

What are Amazon Seller Tools?

Amazon Seller Tools refer to a suite of software and applications designed to assist individuals and businesses in managing, optimizing, and growing their businesses on the Amazon marketplace. These tools can include product research, keyword optimization, image and video downloader, profit calculator, search suggestions, eCommerce scraper, and analytics solutions, among others. They aim to streamline various aspects of selling on Amazon, ultimately helping sellers make informed decisions and achieve success in the highly competitive e-commerce landscape.

What is an Amazon Product Research Tool?

An Amazon Product Research Tool is a specialized software designed to assist sellers in identifying profitable product opportunities on the Amazon marketplace. It helps users analyze market trends, assess product demand, and evaluate competition. EcomStal’s Product Research Tool, accessible here, is a powerful solution within this category, offering precise insights to enhance product discovery and optimize strategies for Amazon sellers.

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