I am the force

Abdul Sattar Edhi sahib said in his autobiography “my will power was very strong during times of trouble and I would not change my course easily, it was in fact this attitude that established me as the leader of the group”. The story behind those lines was when some boys were bullying a mentally handicapped person Edhi sahib stood up for him. And this story made me remember my experience when I once stood up for my friend who was wronged.

Every year we have elections in our college me and my friend were planning for it since a long time. I was constantly encouraging my friend to stand for the post of president finally the day came and our class instructor told us that we would have the voting in class on Wednesday. We were all excited to elect the new college president. The next day she came and told us that she had already selected the president I couldn’t believe it so now there would be not voting I asked her it was different from what she had told us before. She said it wasn’t her decision the whole department had reached the decision together. I was angry I felt deceived. Everyone knew it was wrong but they remained quiet. We all wanted to say something but no one dared. I also could have let it go but I couldn’t I thought of my friend how she was excited and the other people who had the right to select and vote. So I went to the department. I was nervous, afraid but still I went. So I entered the department the entire staff was siting. All eyes were on me and so I started speaking and asked them why they went back on their words they were surprised that a student would actually come and ask them something like that and they got angry because I was going against their decision and I stood up to their authority because we all felt wronged. At the end they still did not conduct voting nothing changed apparently but that day I changed and made a vow to myself to never let people abuse other people and stand for the right thing and not just live comfortable ignoring the wrong in the environment.

#Just start Project

It is a world know fact that binge eating patients are difficult to approach as they deny their own disorder and as it turned out I had one in my own family so for months I wanted to approach her and talk to her about her eating behavior but I was afraid because she was family and I was in self-doubt that I could even help her I mean I am just a student not a professional.

So my goal was to help her overcome her eating disorder.

1 In order to achieve my goal I had to confront her

2 take her assessment and history

3 read books and study to help her overcome her eating disorder

So on Monday I approached her and talked about it. I tried to build rapport with her and convince her that she needed help and that her condition and be cured through therapy and diet plan.

On Wednesday when she came to my place I took her assessment which consisted of 24 hour food recall I asked about her food likes and dislikes and at what time she usually eats and her stress level and what things bothered her. I recommended her to make a food dairy for week.

So after the assessment I got in touch with my teacher who works at rainbow obesity and eating disorder center and asked for advice I also started reading more about her condition and how to come with better ideas to treat her in the best of my abilities.

During the course I realized that I need to study hard, deeply empathize with her sincerely help her to cure her eating disorder.