Single most important lesson I’ve learned from the fellowship

I just completed my 3 month fellowship at Amal Academy and I learned many many things. I have to be honest when I applied for it I wasn't expecting much I had just decided to go for this fellowship because I had time to spare.

During my very first session we did an ice breaking activity and slowly over the period of three months things changed drastically. If I were to think back to my journey and write about the single most important lesson I have learned is coping with failures. We learned lots and lots but for me the day we sat in a circle during the session and shared our life stories was really mesmerizing.

Everyone is struggling but the levels of struggle are not the same, that day I realized that some of us were struggling more than I could ever imagine but despite that they were positive and happy people. It gave me strength to get up and actually be thankful for what I have got.

I use to think that hardships stories are something to be embarrassed about but the during the fellowship we had many chances to tell about our life experiences and I think that takes the bonding on another level.

In the end I have to say I am glad I joined this fellowship and many thanx thanx thanx to the fellows of B-33 for sharing your inspirational stories throughout the fellowship and the staff for being there and making us feel like you guys always got us backs.