The Task Manager App for families and couples (Press Kit)

Moogli is designed for families, couples and flat shares and is perfectly suited for collaborating on shopping lists and all kinds of daily tasks.

Why Moogli?

The name Moogli comes from a combination of “Common Moorhen” and “Sugar Glider” — two animals that are among the world’s cleverest to help each other in everyday life!

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What can You do with Moogli?

  • Create shopping lists and get quick suggestions for articles you’ve used before.
  • Assign tasks or put them into a joint group called “Pool”.
  • Be informed about the activity carried out by those you’re with.
  • Define a reward in form of points and/or text label.
  • Simply put up repetitive tasks, and get notifications of whoever’s turn it is.
  • Set Objectives, they can be anything (object, gift, an adventure, etc).

Launch Details

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Media Kit

App Store Screenshots and more

All images in this article are also available for download at this Dropbox link.

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More About Moogli

Moogli provides a world class opportunity to accumulate points/credits by performing tasks throughout the month. How about giving rewards related to the total? Anyway, it is not required to give points for doing tasks.


It is NOT required to register or signup for an user account to use the App. But for best use and in case of several devices, simultaneously use needs a easy registration by email. Moogli synchronizes content fast and automatically across multiple devices (Server Location: Trondheim, Norway).

What else?

  • You can set Objectives to collect points. Or make a contest and have fun towards the goal.
  • You can easily postpone task that has a due date.
  • You can globally and individually change the properties of reminders about not completed tasks.
  • You can set permission to members, so only you can give points or approve completed tasks.
  • You can easily categorize tasks by selecting “areas” such as kitchen and bathroom.
  • You can choose among more than 60 symbols to get recognizable appearance on the tasks.
  • You can use color to get even better visual control of tasks / chores.
  • You can enable more details in lists, so you can quickly see whether they are repetitive or have a due date.
  • And a lot more.

Who has made Moogli?

Behind Moogli is the founder and indie developer, Tobias Høegh. Moogli is 100% made in Norway.

I’m reachable at @tujoworker or :)

Who am I?

The ability to express myselves creatively has since my childhood inspired and motivated me to work with web and mobile technology. With interests in art, architecture, music, sports and engineering, I always loved to build things. Things that make me proud to have made. In other words:

“I simply love to make shiny and useful products.”

What’s Next?

I’m continuing to add features to Moogli, and I am working on the development of the Android version.

I’m a [CREATOR|DEVELOPER|DESIGNER] & made @MoogliApp. I love to make apps. Cross-platform apps. Also, scalable web architecture is a ting. Let’s work together.

I’m a [CREATOR|DEVELOPER|DESIGNER] & made @MoogliApp. I love to make apps. Cross-platform apps. Also, scalable web architecture is a ting. Let’s work together.