photo credit: pixabay

Sometimes I wonder do I have a place in this world? And if I do what is it?
This world moves so incredibly fast. You’ve got to be insta-famous, snapchat lit, vine ready, facebook fresh.

Everything is so yesterday. Tomorrow is always coming in today. We’re so future oriented sometimes I wonder when did I miss today. If you aren’t doing the next thing, then you’re already behind. Forget the present. You always should be living for tomorrow they say.

We are going a million miles per hour. Where we’re going I have no idea. But we’re getting there fast. I know me rumbling about how fast this world is moving is nothing new,

And this script will likely change nothing, Nobody is going to rewrite their narratives because of my ramblings. If you can’t keep up they say, get out of the way.

But then I look around the tired faces, the fatigued glances. The mud we cake to hide the lines. And I wonder? The way we push, prod, and exhaust our engines to keep running that extra mile every day.

I wonder? Where are we going? Why are we going there? It’s just the pace of the race you say. The way things are.

Perhaps. But what do we do when the race outpaces the runner. Do we trample underfoot? Because you’ve got to run the race you see.

Everything is about the race. What would we do without it. By it we set our days. What do we do I ask?

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This story was originally published at Tulipa’s Journey under the title “Tomorrow Today” .